Insider Media Welcomes New Law Firm Client


Insider Media Welcomes New Law Firm Client

Insider Media is proud to welcome the Russomanno & Borrello Law Firm to its exclusive client list. The attorneys of Russomanno and Borello have more than 90 years of experience. The Firm’s primary practice areas include attorney and bar candidate representation, complex litigation, medical malpractice and catastrophic injury.

“Russomanno & Borrello’s dedication to service and care for its clientele are hallmarks of the character we look for in the clients we agree to represent with our brand of public relations and outbound communications,” says IMM Senior Brand Journalist and Owner J.P. Hervis.

IMM Services

Insider Media has been retained to provide media relations and content marketing services including content development (video), social media marketing, email marketing and website management.

“As storytellers, we are eager to provide our news media contacts details to the many notable cases litigated by Russomanno & Borello attorneys and pitch legal industry trade reporters stories that feature the insight of the Firm’s highly regarded legal team” adds Hervis.

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