The Value Of Sports Publicity

The Value Of Sports Publicity

Sports publicity is an effective marketing strategy that successfully combines sports with the products that sporting teams promote. Sporting events have certain marketing factors that can be used to gain an audience that is already watching a sports team. Sporting associations frequently are gaining members and this increased membership is a ready made method of advertising. Sports as an industry can be promoted and weekend athletes are frequent consumers of products that are advertised through sports publicity.


Sports Publicity and How to Advertise

Advertising with a sports team or association is one method that is frequently successful. A promotion for a certain associated product can be advertised along with a particular athlete or sports team. This type of marketing uses product sponsorships and endorsements by selected athletes, for example. Sports can be marketed as a particular industry and this type of selective advertising can bring in customers based on their interest in a particular type of athletic activity.

A form of street marketing is used along with marketing through billboards and through an urban element. Major worldwide sporting events are often used as advertising vehicles for certain products and services. Worldwide events have a ready made audience and this type of viewer is often a ready-to-buy customer as well. Large events bring in certain crowd types and advertising to a group is an inexpensive method of promoting a product.


Athletes and Brand Loyalty

Athletes who sponsor products tend to produce brand loyalty. Fans tend to be loyal to their sporting teams or star athletes and this ready-made loyalty is often an important part of sports publicity. Athletes sign contracts with certain brand manufacturers to wear or use their products during a game or event. Players and their fans create a long term loyalty to these brands and this combination is an effective method of using sports to promote a brand product.


How Sports Marketing Benefits

Sports marketing creates certain impulsive purchase behaviors with fans during sporting events, for example. Sporting events or certain seasonal events for a sport can create a number of new memberships, sales and product recognition. These types of sales promotional strategies are the largest benefits for the companies that use these events to advertise.

Benefits are created for the athletes, the leagues and the managers because of a significant increase in new memberships and fund raising for the sports teams included. These marketing events are effective and help a new customer to understand what is available for their entertainment. Marketing strategies can be used to increase a sports team’s social status as well. Today’s wellness programs promote a participation in sports.


How Sports Marketing Is Valued

Sports marketing is a valuable source of revenue for athletes and associated businesses. Revenue is generated from the following sources:

  • Athlete endorsements are frequently used as a product promotionalstrategy.
  • Sports fans tend to be loyal to their teams and to the star athletes on these teams.
  • Stadium tickets are sold through mass media advertising and through stadium naming rights.
  • Television advertising can bring in impulse buys and new memberships.
  • Television network deals are a successful form of sports marketing revenue.
  • Signs and brochures can be used to bring in ready to buy customers for a product or service.
  • This type of niche marketing is directed at those ready to buy patrons and are directed towards this specific and targeted audience which is the fan base.

Fan based sales and marketing are the foundation factors for a sports marketing strategy. These purchasers are loyal and can be targeted as ready to buy customers for a product or service. Athletes and their sports teams are sponsors for certain products that are successfully sold to this type of niche audience. Contact Insider Media Management today to see who you can build your brand and expand your reach.