Insider Media’s JP Hervis Featured Guest on ‘CEO Money” Show

Insider Media’s JP Hervis Featured Guest on ‘CEO Money” Show


Insider Media Management and Senior Brand Journalist J.P. Hervis will be a Guest on the CEO Money Radio program. The show hosted by Michael Yorba is part of WFN1,  a new, global, financial news network with a focus on accurately evaluating our audience’s appetite for relevant, up-to-the-minute, business-related news content in diversified, multi-media formats not usually associated with traditional financial news outlets.

If you live in the Dallas area you can listen live on KXFR/AM1190 live around 2:25 PM local time (Central). Everywhere else, you can hear the interview by going to this link:  

About the appearance, Hervis says “This is one of the fastest growing, trusted radio programs for business leaders and entrepreneurs. I’m humbled they would ask me to contribute to the CEO Money Show and am eager to help audience in any way I can.”

Among the topics expected to be discussed today include content marketing strategies, the importance of storytelling and why press releases are ‘dead.’

J.P. Hervis is an award-winning broadcast journalist with more than a decade of experience. He made his vast experience as a news reporter and anchor the basis for the operations and ideology of Insider Media Management, which he founded nearly 8 years ago. Insider Media is a media relations and content marketing agency representing clients around the country. Click here to read JP’s full bio