Insider Media’s J.P. Hervis Opens Up to Newspaper About Kidney Donation

Insider Media’s J.P. Hervis Opens Up to Newspaper About Kidney Donation

Insider Media Management Owner and Senior Brand Journalist J.P. Hervis was the subject of a feature story in the Palm Beach Post on Father’s Day. Several months ago, Hervis donated his kidney to his mother. Since then Hervis, his family, and our Firm have focused time on spreading the word on the importance of live kidney donation. The Hervis’ believe through education the general public will begin to understand that living kidney donation is safe. The robust volume of testing of a potential donor clears the way for donation only from the very healthiest and best candidates.

” My family and I are very moved that the Palm Beach Post would tell our story” says Hervis, a former news reporter and TV anchor. ” We hope that this article, along with the previous media we have earned in our campaign to educate others, will inspire others to save a life.”


J.P. and Olga Hervis are telling their story in hopes that in doing so, more people will consider kidney donation, because “there are things inside us that could save lives,” J.P. says.

  • 100,751: People in the United States awaiting kidney transplants.

  • 3.6 years: The median wait time for a first kidney transplant.

  • 17,107: Kidney transplants in U.S. in 2014. Of these, 11,570 came from deceased donors and 5,537 came from living donors.

  • More than 3,000: New patients added to kidney waiting list each month, on average.

  • 13: Number of people who die each day awaiting kidney transplants.


“There are 330 million people in the United States and it is safe to say that most have two kidneys. You only need one to live, so there is no way that we should have more than 100,00 people in our country waiting for kidney transplants,” says Hervis.   For more information, visit









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