Insider Media Client Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Insider Media Client Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Congratulations to a long time Insider Media Management client Linda Collinson (seen below with Legendary Actor George Hamilton) of Infusion Sciences, DewBerry Lotion, and Youth Infusion. Yesterday her book, Don’t Tell Me No! became an Amazon Best Seller! It is an honest and inspiring story of her many challenges in becoming a very successful entrepreneur.

Insider Media is VERY PROUD to have provided a variety of services to Linda including national publicity.


Story Via the Washington Business Journal:

Entrepreneurial Mom’s Book Don’t Tell Me No! Becomes Amazon ‘Best Seller’

Don’t Tell Me No! How Determination Cured my Baby and Built a Million Dollar Business Aims to Guide & Inspire with Author’s Inspirational Story, No Holds Barred Advice

BALTIMORE, May 19, 2017  — Linda Collinson turned a kitchen table receipt meant to heal her baby into a natural skin care line serving consumers worldwide. She eventually sold that company for millions of dollars. Collinson can add a new attribute to her eclectic biography which includes the release of her new skincare lotion, Dewberry Lotion by Infusion Sciences. She is now an Amazon best-selling author.