How To Use Video Production When Working With A Florida PR Firm

How To Use Video Production When Working With A Florida PR Firm

There are a large number of ways Florida PR firms are able to take advantage of multimedia in order to do their jobs effectively. Multimedia for a growing and expanding business is like a master key that can unlock doors to sales, brand awareness, advertising, and more. Using technologies available to you allows you to create a relationship between your business and potential clients or customers.

A successful PR firm will appreciate this opportunity and be able to utilize websites, social media, online advertising and more to achieve your media goals. While there are numerous channels through which a business can project it’s identity, perhaps the most overlooked but effective uses of media in PR is video production.


Embrace Storytelling In Your PR

Video production in conjunction with good PR firm is priceless to any media campaign. It allows you to take your storytelling to the next level.

Adding a video to a story allows you to create a personal and emotional touch. This will inspire viewers to take action more so than if the story were presented in a simple text format. Video production creates a degree of authenticity that is incredibly persuasive. If you’re trying to sell someone something or change someone’s mind, you’d rather do it in person than through an e-mail. The same translates into video creation; showing your story is much more effective all around than telling it.

Videos provide a way for your viewers to consume the most information with the least amount of effort. The average preferred news story is only 1 minute and 20 seconds. So if you create your videos as sound bytes rather than small movies, you are more likely to get views. Studies have actually shown that the shorter a video is, the more likely it is to be viewed at all. By their nature, you might assume they would limit the information they can distribute. To the contrary, videos can be shared and embedded in almost every single available media platform.

Given that people can get information from so many different sources, having a visual component will put your story above any others. It is a cheap way to produce a quality product. While it’s expensive to get a TV commercial spot or an interview on the news, it’s free to set up a Vine or YouTube account and spread your videos across all available platforms.

Video production can be used to reach so many ends. Video production can be used for testimonials or interviews with former or current clients. Videos can be used for repurposing and highlighting announcements or stories that were successful in the past. Use videos for crisis management and shifting public opinion.

Announce the arrival of a new product or service that you may offer. Raise awareness and promote your brand. Offer promotions, contests or prizes. Aid in content development by using a video to accompany blogs and newsletters. Ad a personal touch by creating employee interviews or clips from a party or event.

The PR specialists at Insider Media Management understand the extra boost online video production can give your branding attempts. Using it countless times in the past in strategic and dedicated ways has proven successful time and time again. We have created How-To videos, videos giving tips to clients, videos featuring the people behind our clients’ and more. All have helped create a special engagement that ensures a positive public image. IMM will do all the planning for you, we will:

  • Develop the concept behind whatever video we are currently shooting
  • Do the shooting for you
  • Edit the videos afterwards to turn the footage into a powerful online branding and marketing support tool

Being the premier Florida PR firm that specializes in video production, we have perfected our process to give you the best possible results.