Crisis Communications

Crisis strikes many businesses. When it does, the media asks the uncomfortable questions as your customers begin to speculate and social media amplifies the issue. So what is your move to mitigate reputation damage? We are on-call when crisis strikes, 24-7. Our relationships in the media are without match. Our strategies are based on a unique insight as journalists who have covered the crisis and media relations representatives who have supported our clients in crisis.

Part of our strategy is to set up a pre-crisis plan of action and strategy with our clients.

IMM Brand Journalists can provide a special insight into a strategic response on your behalf. We covered a variety of crisis cases involving everything from Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops. From the front line, our journalists have seen what to do, and not do, in an effort to mitigate any damage to a brand’s reputation. Think about having breaking news reporters on your staff, when news breaks about your company.