barriers that lay before you, but it’s not impossible by any means. We can call them problems, obstacles, barriers, whatever we would like, but the fact remains that they still stand in our way. If you’re asking how to get my company in the news, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Insider Media Management, we’re about more than just identifying problems; we’re here to solve them too.

As we progress through this topic, we’ll pinpoint the most common and no so common barriers that keep you and your business out of the limelight. Solutions will be provided for all, but I think you’ll find that our public relations firm manages to take all of these obstacles in stride, and emerge with a company that is no longer struggling in obscurity.

Problems with Getting Your Company in the News and How to Solve Them

Getting your company in the news is a delicate process that begins well before you pitch a story. There are so many companies trying to prove their worth and become the center of attention for news sources. It’s not as simple as scheduling an appointment with a reporter and doing an interview. There are a lot of factors that go into the process. Keep in mind, a lot of these problems/solutions will also help you with social media news outlets and bloggers.

1. Generating Buzz

Solution: creating a general movement of information on the internet is like trying to throw a pebble into a pond and expect a tsunami to result from the impact. You start those ripples well before you try to pitch your story to a news outlet. It begins with connecting through sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also start making contacts and networking in real life as much as six months in advance.

2. Networking with Reporters

Solution: Look for stories that a journalist has written and comment on them with some positive feedback on the story. In addition, reaching out to them on Twitter with a friendly comment or question about their article is a good way to break the ice. You can also introduce yourself at major events or invite them out for coffee.

3. Connecting with your Town and Community

Solution: Attend all of the city council meetings and events where you can make your face and your name known to the community. Target your blog to specific events and trends in your local area. Connect with smaller publications and local businesses to further spread your influence.

4. Uncertain Where to Invest

Solution: You may want to invest in a press release or a public relations agency, but you’re unsure where to go. In the early stages, don’t invest into anything; look for options that can meet your needs and your budget. Most of all do not go paying for press releases when you don’t have news exposure yet.

5. Pitching once you have a lead

Solution: Once you’ve made a strong connection with a reporter or news source, the next step is to pitch your concept. Make yourself available for interviews at a moment’s notice; keep your journalist in the loop about new developments or exciting announcements that may pique their interest. Always treat them with respect and offer follow-up stories to show the longevity of your brand.

6. Creating continuous exposure

Solution: Make yourself a constant resource when it comes to your topic and your brand. In addition, offer to write a column or blog post for the news company’s site. Offer additional story ideas and use your connections to fuel the fires.

7. Molding your Pitch

Solution: Try to make your pitch as short as possible. Ten seconds is ideal. Remember to include a story in your pitch; don’t just mention accomplishments or statistics. News outlets like to hear about the human element in each business, so make sure you tell a story.

8. Generating Buzz for your Pitch

Solution: Offer to host an event or a rally for your business. Build up anticipation for your pitch and showcase your business as much as possible before you finally explain your pitch.

9. Creating a Mutually Beneficial Scenario

Solution: Help the news outlet see the value in your business. Show them multiple stories that could run, connect your reporter with other experts and help them grow their network.

10. The Perfect Press Release

Solution: Writing a press release is hard after you’ve gained some exposure. At this point, having a marketing company or PR firm to support the spread of your brand would be a smart decision.

11. Staying Current

Solution: Make sure that you are up-to-date with the community and the local events in your area. Keep up with world events too and showcase your product or service as something that ties into the needs of the modern people.

12. Establishing Lasting Value

Solution: By staying current, you nip this one in the bud. When you pitch new ideas, remember to mention how this new story is going to provide some kind of value to the readers. Even if it’s something as simple as inspiring them, be sure to highlight that.

13. Making your Story Enticing

Solution: Never remove the human element of your pitch. Make sure your story pulls at the old heartstrings and appeals to some kind of basic emotions. This will make it more appealing and enticing.

14. Communicating Uniqueness

Solution: Find and point out aspects of your product or service that makes it stand out either locally or globally. There’s always something unique in a new product, so find your niche and make that a strong point in your pitches.

15. Nailing the Interview

Solution: Speak slowly during the interview so the reporter can get everything down. You can tell your story first as a synopsis and then go back through with details so everything is conveyed. Be sure to wear clothes that show your brand and contain dark colors so it stands out on camera. Keep your answers short and sweet, and most of all, be sure to stay on topic.

16. How to do These Things?

Solution: This may seem like a lot to handle for someone who is just trying to start a company, but keep a cool head and consider utilizing the help of a marketing and PR agency to assist you with all of these things.

17. Expanding Public Relations

Solution: Start local and move on from there. You can generate a lot of interest in your company by starting in your area and letting it spread from there. Don’t worry about the big picture until you’ve got the frame.

18. You’re not Using Insider Media Management

Solution: Visit the Insider Media Management website today and see how our talented team of journalists, reporters, and anchors can elevate your business to new heights and show you how to get my company in the news. We focus on understanding your company and making it irresistible to news outlets. With our help, you’ll be the featured story before you know it.